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Fascinating cultural asset buildings

Fascinating cultural asset buildings

The entire building of Kiya Ryokan was certified as a National Registered Tangible Cultural Property


In 2010, Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs certified the entire building as a National Registered Tangible Cultural Property.

Our ryokan has the building structure to be the pioneer inn for Misasa Onsen’s transformation from the therapeutic hot springs to a tourist destination Onsen Ryokan town. Our Onsen Ryokan was also able to adapt to the changes in mode of tourism. Such cultural remnant is evidently expressed through the architecture. 

Highly polished lustrous appearance of a wooden building and the retro ambiance that brings about the feel of Meiji, Taisho and Showa Eras render the extraordinary experiences. 

Maze like architectural interior structures 


During the Meiji, Taisho and Showa Periods, Kiya Ryokan underwent a multiple of renovations to adjust to the changes of Misasa Onsen’s nuances and resulted in a maze like interior structure including the guest rooms with varying tastes, hallways and stairs constructed with an abundance of precious timber.

Accredited as a Hot Spring Heritage Inn

Accredited as a Hot Spring Heritage Inn

“You can enjoy the old-fashioned Onsen culture to this day,” said an Onsen journalist Mr. Etsuo Noguchi as he evaluated our Ryokan. Mr. Noguchi has accredited Kiya Ryokan as a Hot Spring Heritage Inn. Also, Tadanori Matsuda, PhD, also known as the Onsen Professor is an author of “Onsen Techo (Onsen Pocketbook).” In his book, he mentions one of our baths “Rakusen no Yu,” into which a stream of fresh hot spring directly flows. “Rakusen no Yu” dates back more than 150 years, and that is prior to the beginning of Kiya Ryokan.

About Hot Spring Heritage

Designated Japan Heritage Inn

Designated Japan Heritage Inn

Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs designated Misasa Onsen as the first Japan Heritage, “Land of Purification of the Six Roots of Perception and Healing of Six Senses - the most dangerous path to a Japan’s national treasure and world’s leading radon spring.” Kiya Ryokan is the first inn to be designated a Japan Heritage. 

About Japan Heritage

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