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Misasa Onsen Hot Spring Bathing Guide

Inhale, drink, soak, lie down,
and beautify your skin

Our bathing expert recommends best ways to utilize our hot springs in addition to how to achieve radon hormesis effects by Kiya Ryokan’s unique bathing techniques. He also customizes the ways for each guest to maximize their Onsen therapy including adequate amount and frequency of use.

Incorporating soaking in hot spring, inhaling the hot spring mist, drinking spring water, and lying down on heated bedrock will maximize its effectiveness. Below, we will explain 5 ways to utilize our hot springs including frequency, amount, and duration of use. 

Inhaling hot spring mist

1 Ease your breathing. Moisturize your skin. Inhaling hot spring mist

Radon mist sauna (Anagura no Yu)

This bathing style is called “Radon hot air bath” in Misasa Onsen. Inhale atomized form of radon in a steam sauna that eases breathing and moisturizes skin, unlike the scorching dry sauna. (Yearly average temperatures of the sauna 36.5°C • average humidity 90%.) We recommend 30 minutes per session, once a day. Some guests enjoy 2 or more sessions a day.

Anagura no Yu was featured on the TV Asahi’s pilot episode of “Beat Takeshi no minna no katei no igaku.”

Drinking spring water

2 Absorbed directly inside body!Drinking spring water

Drinking hot spring water has high efficiency, absorbency and efficiency (Makura Yu)

We have a hot spring drinking corner named Makura Yu. Compared to the radium mist therapy Anagura no Yu which helps improve cardiovascular functions, dermatitis and skincare by inhaling the atomized radon, drinking hot spring water is more effective for those who seek to enhance their immunity. Directly permeate to somatic cells.

Recommended amount; 500ml per day.

Soaking hot spring

3 Promote blood circulationSoaking hot spring

Three effects to promote blood circulation

Soaking in hot spring has 3 physical effects (hyperthermia effect, hydrostatic pressure effect and buoyancy effect.) It boosts metabolism, improves excretion of waste matters from the body, eases muscle and joint pains, and enhances blood circulation with its massaging effect.

We recommend 3 sessions per day (5-10 minutes per session).

Limited to our ryokan guests
Complimentary spring water to take home 
Please bring a plastic container to take hot spring water home.
Home-delivery service within Japan (for bathing) 18 liters for ¥2,200 (tax included)
(Kuroneko Collect delivery ; pay shipping fee on delivery.)

Please call for more information. 

Phone number+81-858-43-0521

Reception hours 10:00-21:00

Lying down hot spring

4 Pain reliefLying down hot spring

Hot spring heat relieves pain

Bedrock bathing lets you casually enjoy radium hot springs with clothes on. Suitable for those who are suffering from illnesses, the convalescents, pregnant, have lower back pain  or stiff shoulders, and a sensitivity to cold due to poor blood circulation.

We recommend 3 sessions per day (30 minutes per session.)

Beautify your skin in our Onsen 

5 Wake up your skin, no need for a tonerBeautify your skin in our Onsen 

10 years younger!
Reaffirmation of elasticity and glowing skin.

Radon and metasilicic acid boost metabolism and improve moisturizing and brightening effects resulting in essential beauty. (Once a day in the mist sauna. We recommend incorporating drinking hot spring water.)

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