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Radium hot spring of Kiya Ryokan

Our baths

A variety of Onsen

In addition to the four soaking radium hot springs, we offer other ways to utilize hot springs; inhaling the hot spring mist, drinking spring water, and lying down on heated bedrock. We supply abundant fresh radium hot springs directly from several in-house hot spring sources.
All of our hot springs have retro architectural designs where one can feel the history. Please enjoy the atmosphere of a Cultural Property.

Yakushi no Yu

SoakYakushi no Yu

Private / available for solo or a small party

This free-flowing hot spring was hand dug during the Taisho period. The water is smooth to the touch and moisturizing. Cozy and relaxing radium hot spring.

*Locked when not in use. Available 24 hours.

Rakusen no Yu

Soak • DrinkRakusen no Yu

Private / available for solo or a small party

Kiya Ryokan offers free-flowing hot spring from our in-house natural spring sources. Right under this bath, there is a spring source and fresh mineral water constantly springs out into the bath. Guests can feel the power of the Earth in our miraculous radium hot springs. Drinking hot spring corner is attached to this Onsen room.

*Locked when not in use. Available 24 hours.

Kawase no Yu

SoakKawase no Yu

Men’s bath

A large communal bath for men. It’s an exhilarating open-air free-flowing radium hot spring direct from the spring source.

*Available 24 hours. We do not rotate with the women’s bath.

Kajika no Yu

SoakKajika no Yu

Women’s bath

A large communal bath for women. It’s an indoor free-flowing radium hot spring direct from the spring source, where the steam easily builds up. The water has a thick texture and a high brightening effect.

*Available 24 hours. We do not rotate with the men’s bath.


Radon mist sauna
Anagura no Yu

Reservation required / private / accommodates 1 to 4 persons

Free-flowing high temperature radium spring source creates abundant radon in mist form in this steam sauna. Inhaling atomized radon has shown health benefits. Annual average temperature of the sauna is 36.5°C and its average humidity is 90%. Staying 30 minutes in this low temperature and high humidity radium hot spring sauna will ease your breathing, moisturize skin, promote perspiration resulting in improved blood circulation.

*Reservation reception hours 7:30-22:30. ¥1,000 per a 25-minute session (plus tax.) Not available to accept reservations before guests arrive at our ryokan. (Same day reservation only.)

Radon Ondol

Lie downRadon Ondol

Clothes required / public / mixed genders

Radium spring source naturally flows 1.5 meters underground. The heat of the spring source warms up the bedrock to the right temperature. Please utilize the yukata robe provided in guest rooms or wear any article of clothing of your choice. We recommend lying down on bedrock to those who suffer from lower back pain, stiff shoulders, sensitivity to cold or insomnia for about 30 minutes.

*Available 24 hours. Floor mats are provided.

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