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Unique environment and charming culture

Land of Purification of the Six Roots of Perception and Healing of Six Senses
Mt. Mitoku and Misasa Onsen designated as Japan Heritage


[The only National Treasure in Tottori Prefecture] Just how Nageiredo Hall was built remains a mystery as well as by whom and for what purposes. 

In 2015, Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs designated Mt. Mitoku and Misasa Hot Springs as a Japan Heritage “Land of Purification of the Six Roots of Perception and Healing of Six Senses.”

Kiya Ryokan is a long-established inn in Misasa Hot Springs, known to be the Purification of the Six Roots of Perception. Designated as a Japan Heritage Inn, the old-fashioned ryokan has been loved by many worshippers. 

About Japan Heritage

Mt. Mitoku, the ascetic practice site for Purification of the Six Roots of Perception

Mt. Mitoku, the ascetic practice site for Purification of the Six Roots of Perception

Mt. Mitoku’s Nageiredo Hall is situated at 35°23’N and 133°57’E.

At noon on the Vernal Spring Equinox Day, the sun travels over the orbital of 35°23’N where Kasamori-ji Temple, Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine, Motoise Kono Shrine, and Izumo Oyashiro Shrine are positioned. Why were these temples and shrines of varying eras and with different purposes built systematically? “An enigmatic 35°23’N” 

Mt. Mitoku is veiled in mystery conveying a feel of an ancient romanticism. Mt. Mitoku is one of the three main sacred places for Shugendo sect which was founded by En no Gyoja during the Asuka period. 

Shugendo is a religion where the followers are determined to acquire supernatural powers through a series of strict training. These practitioners who go through dangerous trainings are called Shugensha or Hoshi (Buddhist priest) and they follow the austere codes called “Purification of Six Roots of Perception.” 

Mt. Mitoku is considered Go-Shintai (object of worship) in Shugendo sect and Shugenshas built various shrines and temples. Coupled with the steep mountainous terrain, there became unique sceneries and culture. 

Main traditional events

Main traditional events Mt. MitokuMt. Mitoku “Akieshiki”

Last Sunday of every October Holy Fire Mass takes place in Mt. Mitoku Shugenshas make the Holy Fire and general participants can experience the fire walking ritual. Reservation required. 

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Misasa Onsen, the Healing of Six Senses Hot Springs

From the ancient times, Misasa Onsen was the cleansing place for the pilgrims before entering Mt. Mitoku, and they would come back to soak in the hot springs to heal their bodies after the visit to the mountain. 

The origin was towards the end of Heian Period. At the Genpei War, a samurai vassal of the Minamoto clan Okubo Samanosuke received a prayer for victory from the leader of Genji clan, Minamoto no Yoshitomo (the father of Minamoto no Yoritomo and Minamoto no Yoshitsune). Samanosuke then went on a pilgrimage to Mt. Mitoku.

At Paris Exposition during the beginning of Taisho Era, Misasa Onsen’s hot springs became known to have one of the highest radium concentrations in the world. Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine conducted a research on the health benefits of Misasa Onsen community’s hot springs and has proven its effectiveness in strengthening immune system and natural healing abilities through clinical trials. 

Around the Onsen town, you will find the hot-air bath facilities, spring water drinking fountains and foot baths. The quiet townscape and calm atmosphere welcome the solo travelers, refreshing their five senses and reviving the spirit.

Main traditional events

Main traditional eventsMisasa Onsen “Jinsho (tug-of-war)” 

The tug-of-war is held at Hana Yu Festival (the Flower and the Hot Spring Festival) on May 4th every year at Misasa Onsen Town and it is classified as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property. The large rope is made with wisteria vines the day before and visitors are welcomed to observe the rope twining process “Tsuna Garami.” A male and a female ropes are created, and they are approximately 4 tons in weight and 80 meters in length, in total. “Tsuna Dashi” is a ritual held at 9pm on May 4th, where both ropes are carried to the center of the arena from each of the East and West Camps. After the bold and gallant ceremony to connect the two ropes, the tug of war takes place. 

Visitors are welcome to participate in Jinsho. Let’s unite and enjoy it! Other highlights include local street stalls and spectacular fireworks display. 

Experiences to Further Enjoy Mt. Mitoku and Misasa Onsen

We have hand selected activities and services for guests to fully immerse in our unique environment and cultures.

Mt. Mitoku Tour

Mt. Mitoku Tour

Visiting Nageiredo Hall, a National Treasure Temple built on a precipice (includes a ride to the mountain.) Discovering cultural charms of Japan Heritage, as well as the unique ecosystem and history, this tour is filled with adventures.

Bathing Adviser

Bathing Adviser

Our bathing adviser will give visitors some tips of Healing of Six Senses. Not only a basic way to bath but the best suitable way for each guest to utilize the hot spring effectively will be chosen. They will guide you through your Onsen journey.

Ondol Yoga

Ondol Yoga

Hot Yoga with radon Ondol to recover from fatigue and improve immunity. Instructor AI’s rhythmic guide and meditation will help clear your mind while stretching your body will enhance blood flow, resulting in moderate sweating and a refreshing feeling.


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