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Radium hot spring of Kiya Ryokan

Radium hot spring of Kiya Ryokan

Kiya Ryokan’s hot spring therapy has been approved by College of Medicine

Angelika Moder

Misasa Onsen’s hot springs have the world’s highest radon concentration, and the health effects research shows that the ratio of residents in Misasa who are 90 years of age or older is 6 times more than the national average, and the incidence rate of cancer is less than half of the national average. Guests can stay in a healing environment and expect a preventative stay.

In 2012, Kiya Ryokan’s radium hot spring was proven to demonstrate health benefits under the supervision of Angelika Moder, PhD of Paracelsus Medical University (Austria.)

Spring quality
Weak radio active sodium - chloride spring
Increase immunity, improve natural healing power, enhance antioxidant effect, build cancer prevention power, higher effectiveness in pain relief and atopic dermatitis, improve stress reduction
*Cited from “Radiation’s Mysterious Effects on Living Organisms,” author Kiyonori Yamaoka, Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Science, a professor of Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine
Color of spring
Colorless and transparent
Temperature of the source of hot spring
Efficacy of Kiya Ryokan’s hot springs

World-class effects of radon hormesisEfficacy of Kiya Ryokan’s hot springs

Radon gas emitted from radium ore in Misasa Onsen’s underground is dissolved in hot spring. By ingesting radon, a low dose radiation stimulates and revitalizes cells moderately, resulting in acceleration of metabolism, increase of immunity and improvement of natural healing power. This is called the effect of radon hormesis.

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Inhale, drink, soak, lie down, and beautify your skinKiya Ryokan Bathing Guide

Our bathing expert introduces 5 ways to utilize our hot springs in addition to how to achieve radon hormesis effects and essential beauty by Kiya Ryokan’s unique bathing techniques. He will also customize the best suited way for each guest to maximize their Onsen therapy experiences including adequate amount and frequency of use.

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A variety of OnsenAbout our baths

In addition to the four soaking radium hot springs, we have an inhaling radon mist sauna, a drinking spring water corner, and a room to lie down on bedrock heated by hot springs. We supply abundant fresh radium hot springs directly from numerous in-house hot spring sources.
All of our hot springs have retro architectural designs where one can feel the history. Please enjoy the atmosphere of a Cultural Property.

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We recommend consecutive stays

Well-known hot spring resort suitable for long staysWe recommend consecutive stays

Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine conducted a research on Misasa Onsen visitors’ health and reported that the efficacy of hot springs is more effective when one stays in Misasa longer than one day. At Kiya Ryokan, we have inhaling, drinking, soaking and lying down radium hot springs where a bathing expert explains the most effective ways to bathe. Also, Misasa Onsen town around Kiya Ryokan is the ideal hot spring resort for those who seek ailment preventative stays. Please heal from fatigue and revitalize at “an Onsen town to welcome the third morning.” The name “Misasa” means “third morning” in Japanese. An old legend states that after staying for three nights, on the third morning one’s illness would be almost completely healed.

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