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How to enjoy Kiya Ryokan

How to enjoy Kiya Ryokan

Founded in 1868, the first year of the Meiji era 
A National Registered Tangible Cultural Property Inn

At Kiya Ryokan, we have been creating an inn that delivers numerous charms to help our guests heal from fatigue and enjoy their memorable trips highlighting our Onsen. 


Kiya Ryokan’s hot spring therapy has been approved by College of MedicineHighlights of hot springs

In 2012, Kiya Ryokan’s hot spring was proven to demonstrate health benefits under the supervision of Angelika Moder, PhD of Paracelsus Medical University (Austria.) 

Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine conducted a research on the health benefits of Misasa Onsen community’s hot springs and reported that the ratio of residents in Misasa who are 90 years of age or older is 6 times more than the national average, and the incidence rate of cancer is less than half of the national average, concluding that our hot springs are effective in prolonging lives and rejuvenation. Based on this scientific evidence, medical science, ryokan inns and government agency have been working together to create a safe and trusted Onsen town. 

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Charms of a Cultural Property

Maze like layout has a retro feelCharms of a Cultural Property

In 2010, Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs certified the entire building as a National Registered Tangible Cultural Property.

Our ryokan had the building structure to be the pioneer inn for Misasa Onsen’s transformation from the therapeutic hot springs to a tourist destination Onsen Ryokan town. Our Onsen Ryokan was also able to adapt to the changes in mode of tourism. Such cultural remnant is evidently expressed through the building structure. 

Highly polished lustrous appearance of a wooden building and the retro ambiance that brings about the feel of Meiji, Taisho and Showa Eras deliver the extraordinary experiences.

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Appeals of our cuisine

Creative cuisine highlighting each seasonAppeals of our cuisine

Paying the utmost respect to the subtle changes in seasons, we hand select fresh, nutritious, and safe ingredients to prepare meals. We only use Misasa rice grown by our contracted farmers for breakfast and dinner. In the spring time, we utilize local wild edible plants. For bespoke meals, we incorporate Tottori’s delicacies and local brews. Please savor what Tottori offers at Kiya Ryokan.

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Attractiveness of unique climate & culture 

Japan Heritage “Land of Purification of the Six Roots of Perception and Healing of Six Senses” Attractiveness of unique climate & culture 

Why and how was it built there, Nageiredo Hall is a mysterious temple designated as a National Treasure and one of the three main sacred places for Shugendo sect along with Yoshino and Iyo since the Asuka period. 

Prior to entering the temple, Shugendo practitioners were said to have undergone a purification ceremony at the sacred Misasa’s hot springs and soothed their minds and bodies. Misasa Onsen area is known to be a land of Healing of Six Senses. We’d like to share with you the unique climate and cultures that Mt. Mitoku and Misasa Onsen have woven over the years. 

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Misasa Onsen townscape with history and quaint atmosphereAppeals of “Misasa,” the land of Healing of Six Senses

Suitable for solo travels, quiet and calm townscape spreads centering Yakushido Hall. Kiya Ryokan is located conveniently in the middle of the town, traveling around is easy. In the Onsen town, the must see highlights include “Kabuyu,” the origin of Misasa Onsen, Misasa Shrine where the hero who discovered the hot springs in this land is enshrined, the riverbank Onsen, and a shooting range. 

“Behind the pebble in the river current A cute little Kajika frog tinkles a bell”

In the beginning of the Showa Era, Ujo Noguchi (a poet/lyricist of children’s songs and folk songs) sojourned at Misasa Onsen and refined his crafts. 

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Optional tours & authentic experience services 

Hospitality only to Kiya RyokanAdditional services

We have arranged exclusive services for our guests to further relax, heal and enjoy their stay with us. Our offerings include bathing guides, portraits by a sketch artist, Mt. Mitoku tour, Ondol yoga, and Ayurveda massages. Please join us and experience the activities unique to our inn. 

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